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  • What is Impact Counseling Services?
    A mental health program offering a wide range of services—licensed professional staff provide:
    ● Group and individual counseling on school campuses for students experiencing stressful
    life issues, mental health concerns, and/or behaviors and attitudes that interfere with their
    ability to manage daily challenges
    ● A safety net for students—a team (made up of the ICS worker, school staff, family and
    community members) working together to ensure a student’s success at home and school
    ● Family counseling, consultation and support
    ● Psychiatry—evaluations and medication management for students who do not have health
    insurance, or other access to a psychiatrist
    ● On-site training, consultation and support for school personnel
    ● Collaboration with agencies across the county to bring more resources and services to the
    Williamson County area

    Where are we located?
    We offer mental health services and support at offices in 12 central Texas locations:
    Hutto ISD
    Coupland ISD
    Granger ISD
    Taylor ISD
    Jarrell ISD
    Salado ISD
    Thrall ISD
    Bartlett ISD
    Holland ISD
    Orenda Public Charter Schools
    Williamson County Juvenile Justice
    Alternative Academic Program

    At our 2 Family Services Centers, we offer:
    ● Family counseling
    ● Psychiatry

    Referrals and Confidentiality
    ● Anyone—school personnel, parents, students—may refer a student for help
    ● Referrals for any of the services may be made in person, by phone, in writing or email to the
    Impact Counseling Services staff person on the student’s campus
    ● Once a referral is made, the ICS worker will meet with the student and the school counselor (and
    often, other important adults in the student’s life) to determine what services will be helpful
    ● Student information is private, and counseling information cannot be shared without permission
    from the student and parent. We typically do get permission to collaborate with school personnel.
    Then we work to enlist others as support, or provide necessary information, to assist students in
    particular areas.


    CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A REQUEST TO MEET WITH Kathryn Adams, THE COUNSELOR FROM IMPACT COUNSELING.  She is at Gateway Tech each Friday between 8am and 4pm.