Early College Start - Dual Credit Program

group of students sitting in college classroom
  • Early College Start - Students starting in 9th grade (10th or higher is recommended) are eligible to take courses at Austin Community College (ACC) or Temple College (TC) for college credit.  

    Dual Credit – Dual credit courses are college courses that also count toward high school requirements. These courses may be taken at the college campus and are taught by regular college faculty. Successful completion of the course can earn high school credit as well as college credit.

    Students who take dual credit courses can receive high school and college credit simultaneously. Students who satisfactorily complete pre-approved college courses on the dual credit list will receive high school credit after they present their college courses transcript with grades for placement on the high school transcript.  

    High school students who reside in areas whose property taxes pay into the community college system, such as Round Rock ISD, pay no tuition for fees for those courses. Students in other communities pay only $150 per course while still in high school. This is a substantial savings for high school students.

    For more information, visit www.austincc.edu/ecs or contact the Gateway Tech Principal, Missy Dean.

    By participating in this program, Gateway students:

    • Experience college life prior to graduating from high school
    • Network with other college students and learn about career tracks available
    • Raise their GPA by earning advanced grade points
    • Gain confidence in their educational abilities
    • Accelerate through high school while earning college credit at the same time
    • Develop a track record of college readiness before they graduate from high school, which helps ensure admission to more competitive universities and career programs

    To access and view the dual credit enrollment checklist, click here.