Grading Procedures

male teacher helping student with laptop
  • Students receive a final grade in each course based on the average of post-tests and review tests.  (Refer to GPA/Class rank policy in next section.)

    Once a student has completed a course, the final grade is recorded on his AAR (transcript) and credit is awarded, provided the student earns a minimum grade of 70%. 

    Report cards for Gateway Tech students look a little different than in a traditional school.  Grades are reported on a nine-week basis (refer to school calendar for dates.) 

    The report card will list the courses that the student is currently enrolled in as well as courses that the student has taken during the school year.  Only the courses that the student has completed will have a grade listed.  The grade listed next to each completed course is the final grade.   Interim grades per nine week reporting period are not recorded on the report card. 

    A progress report is sent home electronically (provided the parent has an email address) every three weeks.  This progress report will list all current and completed courses.  This report will show not only final grades in completed courses, but will also show progress in current courses. The two most important details are included in this report:

    • the grade in progress in each courses
    • the percentage of the course complete
    • This progress report will help parents and students know how they are progressing along the way.  Students generally do not fail a course, but it is possible for them not to progress at an acceptable rate. 
    • In the event that a student is not progressing well, a parent-teacher-student conference will be held to discuss this.  Parents are encouraged to review this report every three weeks and contact the school with any concerns or questions.